051013 Tips in Delivering a Contest-Worthy Speech Tips, eh? As I fumbled with my pen, trying my hardest to concentrate on writing what seems like my first article in ages, I am in a dilemma if I am “worthy” enough of giving tips for delivering contest-worthy speeches. Yes, I may have my fair share of … Continue reading SPEAK It Out

How Are You?

013018 “Good morning! How are you?” --- “How are you?”; “Kamusta?” This is default question which we usually answer with an equally default answer: “I’m good.”; “Doing good.”; “I’m fine. You?”; “Eto, okay naman buhay pa.” Are you really? --- In this highly-digitalized, ultra-fast-paced, social media-succumbing world that we are living in, one cannot help … Continue reading How Are You?

Reflections of Life #10: Hanggang Saan

110403 Hanggang saan ba titibok ang isang pusong tigang? Hanggang saan hihinga ang isang taong naubusan na ng hangin? Hanggang saan sya kukuha ng lakas upang marating ang kanyang patutunguhan? Hanggang saan nya ikukubli ang nagsusumamong damdamin? Hanggang saan niya panghahawakan ang ilaw ng pag-asang pilit kumakawala sa kanyang mga kamay? Hanggang saan papatak ang … Continue reading Reflections of Life #10: Hanggang Saan


071617 My fellow Toastmasters and guests, how do we caption this? Vaporeon Shows Up in Central Park, People Lose Their Minds. In the game PokemonGo, it's possible to evolve your Pokemon Eevee into Flareon, Jolteon, or Vaporeon by giving your Eevee a certain name before evolution. But what happens when a wild Vaporeon shows up in … Continue reading #Goals