Things I Ditch for a Simpler (or Just Plain “Tamad”) Lifestyle

With the recent nCOV outbreak happening globally and with positive cases increasing at an alarming rate, the government has decided to put us under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). A lot of establishments have closed and we are all advise to stay at home, and for some, work from home. Social distancing should be practiced and, as much as possible, only go out when you have to buy basic groceries and medicines. Before ECQ and before total lock-down, my husband and I were still able to buy groceries mostly food and some basic essentials. But let’s face it, you and I have different meaning to the term “basic necessities” and “essentials”, hence, the topic of this blog.

For starters, my basic needs include food & beverage (in whatever form – fresh, canned, packed), my cats’ food and litter, medicines & vitamins, and items required for “cleaning” (which includes those used for laundry, dish-washing, household and personal toiletries). Basically, my “tita” me is focused on health and cleanliness now. It was not the case when I was younger. Back then, there were a lot of items that I once considered part of my “essentials” but am now gradually ditching them to prioritized my current focus (or maybe I just became more “tamad” as I grew older, there’s always that). Anyways, here they are:

  1. Leg Shaving
    • When I was younger, I used to shave my legs just like every other girl so when I wear shorts or skirts, I can showoff those hot legs. But there came a point that I just grew tired of the “every time shaving”. I still like wearing shorts and skirts but I hated the time I need to spend to shave it first before flaunting it. So about more than 10 years ago, I decided to just let the hairs grew and flaunt my legs nonetheless. It saved a lot of time and shaving creams.
  2. Nail Polish
    • This is a product I just ditched very recently, as in just last year. I was still hoping that, like every other girl again, it made my nails a bit prettier through all these years, plus I somehow love the trip to nail spas. But I’ve come to terms that my nails are not meant for polishes. I kind of like have “baby nails” so they’re not very pointy and lady-like like those of my friends much to my envy. So now I just cut them short and keep ’em clean. It saves me time and money on nail spas and nail polishes.
  3. Facial Cream
    • I’m not actually ditching facial creams, I just switched to water-based facial moisturizers, facial sprays and, my new favorite, aloe vera gel. It’s less sticky and it feels very light. These are the ones that I don’t have to spend a lot of time applying ‘coz it dries very quickly. What’s important for me is that my skin is not dry, not only in the face but in other parts of the body, too. So if I can achieve that with minimal effort, then I’m happy.
  4. Eyebrow Pencil & Make Up
    • Believe me, I’ve tried doing my eyebrows, but over time, I just lost my patience in doing it ‘coz I really can’t do it right. I admire ladies who have such patience, talent and skill for this feat. I just don’t. So might as well leave it be. As for the other make-up, I made certain efforts in dolling up should there be a need to in some occasions so I just keep a few essentials like face powder, mascara, lipsticks and blush on. Nothing more. Otherwise, I just use a matte lippie and a baby powder when going out to the office and then reduce it to none when just plainly going out.
  5. Feminine Wash & Sanitary Napkins
    • Now this is not because of “katamaran”, but rather I was advised by a former OB that using feminine wash does not really help in cleaning “down there”.  And when you do researches in the net about the best way of cleaning it, it just boils down to using water. So needless to say, about 10 years ago, I took this advise to heart and ditch feminine washes. For the sanitary napkins, I just recently switch to using tampons and liners about three years ago. But I didn’t let go of sanitary napkins completely for some emergency cases since it’s easier to access than tampons. And no, tampons do not save you anything coz it’s also more expensive than the pads.  Contrary to what most Filipinos believed, it’s actually very easy to use and gives you more flexibility in movement especially when you need to go to beaches (which I love going). Only down-side is you have to change it more often than the pads. But I can live with it if the pros outweighs the cons.

So yeah, if you put it that way you can say that I’m really just “tamad” for things that involve a lot of unnecessary extra work. Though I am not inciting that it doesn’t give value to others because I don’t do most of these things anymore. It was just simply an outcome of what you always call “learn from experience” kind of thing and finding out the things that work best for me. Since we are on quarantine, maybe you have your own list, too, we could compare notes, what say you?