Boring Moments Matter

2011, the start of this decade, was a year that changed everything. It was the year I started my career in a company where I am still in, the year I got hitched, and the year I had miscarriage. So that’s almost a triple anniversary of sort, if you will. And life kept surprising me and amusing me in every year that followed.

Each passing year is a colorful myriad of experiences and memories that molded my present. There were certain bright highlights that truly painted a beautiful canvas, masking those dull, uneventful, everyday routine. These highlights included family milestones (TMTM in this category already), new work assignments, opportunities and promotions, new places explored, new skills gained and even first-time experiences were counted. These are highlights that can be claimed as my life’s bragging rights, highlights that created who I am and what I have been doing in the decade that will soon come to an end.

But just as these highlights are important to me, I realized that the masked dull, uneventful, everyday routine equally contributed to who I am as well. Yes, these “boring” moments just add up to the passing of time, but they were never wasted. These uneventful moments are those moments I had coffee time with a friend, a weekend date with my husband, a visit to my parents house, a group chat with my siblings, and a problem solved in the office. These “boring” moments were as important as my highlights because it slowly molded me and my relationships as a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend and even a colleague. I can never claim I was getting good at these relationships through all these years, but it will always be a work in progress. And I can always just hope for a chance to BE BETTER and then DO BETTER.

2019, like all other years that passed, is a colorful canvas of both bright highlights and dull, uneventful moments. This year is particularly a mix bag. There were challenging and depressing situations encountered, but there were also a lot of good news, a lot of firsts and even new milestones especially for me and my husband. I am specifically grateful for the “boring” moments – coffee breaks, lunch outs, dinners, weekend mornings, weekends in general, long drives – because these are moments I had meaningful conversations, warmest hugs and heartful laughs with the people closest to me. Moments uncaptured in social media. I am even grateful for the little moments that I spent time alone with my thoughts. I like being with the people I love, but I cherish moments where I could spend some alone time to reflect and re-align myself, to tame my sometimes chaotic thoughts and to calm my sometimes weary heart.

2020 will mark the end of a decade. I could say, “Bring it on, 2020!” or “Surprise me, 2020!” like I always do. But if there’s one thing 2019 taught me, it’s that things don’t and will not happen if I don’t take action (at least for the things that I can take action on). So, my dear readers, that makes 2020 just another year and it’s up to me or you to make things happen. Be bolder, be kinder, be better. Of course, there’s always fate who intervenes in a lot of its surprising ways. I also believe in fate. And if it works its hands on you, let it. I believe it always works, again, for the better.

Now, let’s bid farewell to 2019 – a year of bold decisions, exciting firsts and fated events. 2020 is a blank canvas to be painted with new highlights and boring moments altogether. So to us, have fun with painting.