Power of a Rookie: The GET Attitude



Photo taken during the P4 Banquet last Sep 2019 when I delivered this presentation. A certified rookie in most areas and a veteran in some.

In most job posting ads, one of the usual requirement we often see is “Minimum 3 to 5 years experience.” If you are a fresh grad, or say someone who just want to transfer from one function to another, and you are looking at this job posting, you’d say “How am I supposed to get experience if I can’t get a job to get experience?” As a matter of fact, according to Talent Works.com, you’d be surprised to know that 61% of what we call entry-level jobs require the minimum requirement of more than 3 years.

According to the same website, employers are driving “experience inflation”; as a result, the amount of experience required to get a job is increasing by 2.8% every year. That means your younger sister (or brother) will need ~4 years of work experience just to get their first job. That’s quite insane!

So, if you are a rookie in this job hunting war, Are you battle-ready to compete among the veteran warriors? What’s your edge? What’s your weapon?

As a rookie, is it enough that you are beaming with self-confidence? Maybe. Is it enough that you are a bold risk-taker since you’ve got nothing to lose anyway? Maybe.

But you know the cliché, attitude is everything. At the end of the day, it all boils down to attitude really. Rookies have what we would call the GET Attitude, where GET stands for Grit, Energy and Tenacity.

Grit is the powerful combination of passion and persistence. It means , you set goals and you make sure to follow through. A person who works really hard to follow through on commitments has true grit. And in this business, you know how important we set goals and keep our commitments especially to our Clients, right? It builds our integrity and it drives us to excellence, two of our very own values.

Next is Energy. Rookies are fresh blood. They are packed with energy as they bring forth new ideas to the table and new perspective to a system that we thought no longer requires changing. Rookies usually listen more, are more likely to ask for help because they believe they have a lot more to learn and they learn faster.

Last is Tenacity. Rookies are stubborn because they haven’t built up a layer of fear yet. In the Rookie Smart website, they say that “People fresh to a problem haven’t convinced themselves that they can’t solve it.” So they keep on pushing and going until they arrive with solutions.

But you know what the good news is? Rookies need not only be newbies. In Freedom To Lead website, a rookie is defined as “someone who had never done that type of work” and a veteran as “someone who had previous experience with that type of work.” That means, even experienced employees can and should embrace their inner rookie and continue to find new and innovative ways to conduct business. Being a rookie is more of a personality trait than a description of age or experience and learning how to pivot between savvy veteran in some situations to a passionate rookie in others gives us the agility to innovate and stay relevant.

So whether you are a newbie or a veteran, remember the rookie attitude, the GET attitude – Grit, Energy and Tenacity. Get it?