Reflections of Life #11: Egairram


Merry is he who is but to be bind

To another soul who’s heart’s finally conquered

By the powerful arrows of the playful Cupid.

There he was waiting patiently… excitedly.

At last the time has come, he sighed.

There she was all white and pretty.

Our time is now, she whispered.

Lit the candle of forever fate.

Wrap the veil of one combined entity.

Tie the bond of keen relations.

Wear the ring of undying love.

In the aisle of life,

They marched on a new journey.

Toward the altar of love,

A new chapter is about to unfold.

Seasons changed and time has passed,

Through stormy winds and darkest clouds,

There they stood hand in hand

As they hold true to their committed vow.