Reflections of Life #9: Admiration



You are beautiful –

Your expressive eyes,

Your cherry-red lips,

Your silky-smooth skin,

Your contoured body,

You are perfect.

You are intelligent –

Your sharp memory,

Your accurate calculations,

Your brilliant analysis,

Your fast comprehension,

You are perfect.

If you are blind,

Would you say I am beautiful?

If you don’t know me,

Would you say I am intelligent?

If you don’t know me and you were blind,

Wold you say that I am perfect?

If you like me,

What is it that you like?

If you admire me,

What is it that you admire?

If you want me,

What is it that you want?

I am beautiful.

I am intelligent.

Would that be all you can see?

Then I am not beautiful.

Then I am not intelligent.

For you are so blind to see.