Reflections of Life #4: Raindrops



The lightning strikes, the thunder roars –

Signs that mark the forthcoming rain,

Warning us all from what’s to come.

Be it of anger, be it of love –

Either of the two, nobody can tell.

As long as the Heavens with its modest tears

Washes the Earth so filthy and blue.

They tempt me to join them as they dance and sing,

So carefree and easygoing, so mild and gentle.

As I look above the misty blue clouds,

As I receive the raindrops from Heaven,

I feel the warmth surrounding my being,

I feel light, I feel human.

A human with no burden, no problem at all.

I feel no pain, no aches, no worries,

Nothing, nothing at all.

I’m one with the Heaven’s tears,

Pouring gently, spreading softly.

The rain indeed is a good companion.

It comforts you inside and out,

Without any word, without any gesture.

As it pours, I find myself again.

I welcomed myself back again,

As I receive the raindrops from Heaven.

Disclaimer: Photo not mine. From Sailor Moon anime.