Reflections of Life #3: Untitled


Sailor moon

Confused thoughts

Unwanted feelings

A disturbed mind

A discontented heart

Fallen in between

Reaching from within

Lines are drawn

Hopes are blown

Don’t know what to do

Or either where to go

Haven’t got any clue

Everything is so blue

They’re coming here

They’re drawing near

Black shadows of death,

Of anguish, of pain,

Eating the night away

And everything in one sway

Eyes closed, ears covered

The whole body shivered

Surrounded by darkness

Feeling so helpless

What am I to do

Where am I to go

Please give me a clue

‘Coz I don’t want to be blue.

Disclaimer: Photo not mine. Tsukino Usagi from Sailor Moon anime, an all-time favorite.