Reflections of Life #1: Derangement

First poem in my Reflections of Life series. This is so high school.

All poems in my Reflections of Life series were hand-written and I’m trying to make it electronic. I will correct a few grammar and structure as I type it, but content will remain, even as immature as it was (lol).


circa 2000


As I was walking, not really knowing where to go,

I met a man whose feet are bare, whose hands are covered with his shoes

He carries his head on his side, and a basket on his neck.

I was astound, and so I ask, “Sir, why are you so derange?”

Instead of uttering a response, he shot me back a question,

“Where on Earth did you come from, Miss?”

“Why is your head on top of your neck?”

My eyebrows met like never before,

With the absurd question stuck at my brain’s core.

Before I found the words to speak, the man’s head began to talk,

“You must have come a long way, Miss. Come to our village and rest.”

And without a word, I dumbly followed like a long, lost bird.

We have reached the village he was referring,

And couldn’t believe what my eyes are seeing,

For it was such a place of bewilderment.

All people looked like the man I’ve met.

Such weird place, you may bet.

Time starts from 1 in the morning and a year by September.

Boy, now it sounds ridiculous, and most definitely riotous.

I want to shout, I want to scream,

As if I’m melting like an ice cream.

Then I was suddenly awaken, by my mom’s makin’.

But till now I can never forget

That I’ve once been to a place of derangement.

Disclaimer: GIF used not mine.