Versions: His and Hers

Cuz we are suckers for love stories – its sweet beginnings and happy endings, I figured that my first blog would be my love story because as they say, “Once in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

Below are my husband and I’s more or less unfiltered wedding vows, er, versions from our wedding website nine years ago.


His Version

The true version!


Life at work before was so boring. I nearly resigned and looked for something exciting to sweat about (like acting perhaps). But then someone bugged me while looking for it. Live messengers kept popping up, and text messages were so annoying. Who was doing all of these, you ponder? Well, I must admit that she had taken my eyes off on acting. And the rest is history. To cut the story short, I have done all those stuffs that a little boy is doing to get the girl. In my case, it was all just for formality. But kidding aside, formality or not, my life is not the same without her. It is like losing my left hand when I want to be Kurt Cobain or a not-tuned violin in an orchestra. Hope you know what I mean. In layman’s term, I am a rainbow of just blacks and whites without her; with a pot of s**t at the end of it. Colors, music, everything good about her. She’s a oombination of great things. Can’t explain it in words, but basically I’m happy when I’m with her. Is it love? Yes. Is it for forever? Yes. Is she the one? Yes. Did I really make the first move? Hmm… Formality or not.

Her Version

The real version!

Emerson was the longest company that I’ve been in. Here, I was luckily paired with a former college friend in what was then a two-man team. In my first few months, she tried informally introducing me to one of our officemates by giving him my mobile number and my chat ID. So basically it all started with him texting and calling me and then eventually we ended up dating each other. In short, we have undergone the normal dating stuff that most couples do. The cute little thing that happened somewhere across the dating part is how I begun to know him and who he’s all about. I dated a lot of guys here and there and for me guys have always been the same. They like someone, they date them, they mess around, then they screw them. I thought this officemate that I have been dating that time was just one of these freaky guys. Well, gauging from the reason why I am making this story apparently proves that he is totally not one of them. He did kind of freak me out the first time we met coz he then looked like some addict down the street with all the spiky hair and buggy eyes…really not a way to impress a girl you like, specially if that girl would be me. But then again as I said this cute little thing happened and there it was as they say the spark began. We found out that we really have a lot of things in common like reading books (though he usually told me that I’m a fake bookworm – imagine that!), watching movies (this time I have to admit that he knew a lot of movies than I am) and pigging out (that’s usually the most fulfilling part, hahah). Wait I already said the word “and” and I wasn’t even finish with the common things yet. We both have very “kaladkarin” feet so we obviously don’t want to stay indoors for a very long time. We love beaches and everything else that’s nature. And most of all (this time it really is an and), we just love being with each other (ayee…). I have not been a very idealistic person but somehow being with him makes my world a lot more ideal than what it really seems like. I never had faith in guys before I met him and it still did not change until today, really, he was just an exception. My only exception. I guess we could say that when electricity and chemistry pair up, the science of love branches out. His electricity. My chemistry. Our love